Dilapidation Reports
Before construction building inspections to assist those wishing to detail property condition for liability coverage and avoid potential claims from adjoining property owners. This comprehensive special purpose / dilapidation report will advise existing defects BEFORE you start construction.
Your building and construction works can result in damage claims from neighbouring property owners, particularly because of the litigious nature of today’s society. Protect yourself and your reputation from false or unjustified claims.
A special purpose / dilapidation Inspection is a smart way to protect your interests before building works commence. If damage claims occur from an adjacent property due to building or construction works, you have expert, independent evidence to support your position.
A Dragons Eye Building Services consultant will inspect the building and the surrounding area and provide a comprehensive report that includes a photographic record. Dragons Eye Building Services reports record the condition of the property at the time of the inspection and are used to protect your interests.
Independent expert evidence to support you in case of a damages claim
Provides you with Peace of mind
Are prepared by the highly qualified building experts
Accurately assess residential and commercial buildings and adjacent/surrounding infrastructure and private assets
Can be undertaken at short notice to ensure project timeframes are not impeded.
The inspection is undertaken and the report supplied prior to nearby construction work commencing to ensure that you have a comprehensive record of the existing conditions to refer to in case there are claims
Advantages of
a dilapidation